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1 Lasting Impressions

A well-designed logo is the face of your brand, is instantly recognizable, and leaves a lasting impression.


2 Our Design Team

Our logo design team will work closely with you to understand your brand's identity and create a unique, logo.

3 Setting You Apart

We’ll help you make a strong statement with a professionally crafted logo that conveys your values and sets you apart.

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Getting Started With Your Brand Identity

Embarking on the journey to create your brand identity is an exciting step towards establishing a memorable and impactful presence. At One Media, we make this process seamless and enjoyable, guiding you through each stage with our expertise and dedication.
Logo Design - Getting Started With Your Brand Identity

Select a Package

Choose the perfect logo design package that fits your needs. Whether you opt for the Pegasus, Neptune, or Aurora package, we have the ideal solution to elevate your brand.

Communication and Design

Collaborate closely with our design team to bring your vision to life. Through constant communication, we ensure your input shapes the design process, resulting in a logo that truly represents your brand.

Review and Finalization

Review the initial designs and provide feedback. We’ll refine your logo until it meets your expectations, ensuring complete satisfaction before finalizing and delivering the finished product.
Simply Affordable

Simple Design Solutions

Explore our Graphic Design services to find the perfect solution for your project’s needs.

Neptune Logo Design

Starting from $149.95 CAD One Time


Custom HD Logo
Icon Set *Add On
Digital 1920 x 1920px
Print 8 x 10”
Resolution 300 dpi
Stock Images
Stock Graphic Elements
AI Generated Images
Client Images / Photos
Several Revisions
Completion 8-10 Bus. Days
Delivery is final with revisions

Aurora Logo Design

Starting from $499.95 CAD One Time


Custom 6K Vector Logo
Icon Set Included
Digital 6144 x 6144px
Print 48 x 64” (+)”
Resolution 400 dpi
Stock Images
Stock Graphic Elements
AI Generated Images
Client Images / Photos
Several Revisions
Completion 10+ Bus. Days
Delivery is final with revisions

Your Project

Elevate Your Brand Identity to New Heights

Elevate your brand to new heights with a unique, custom-designed logo that truly represents your business. At 6axis Media, we understand that a powerful logo is more than just a visual symbol—it’s the foundation of your brand identity.
Logo Design - Elevate Your Brand Identity to New Heights

Select a Package

Whether it's a poster for Social Media, an Event Poster or Flyer, or website graphics, we have a graphic design service that aligns with your project’s needs.

Communication and Design

Communicating with our team is vital throughout the project design, and we encourage your input and approval throughout each stage of the design process.

Review and Finalization

Our team will create the designs, and we'll present them to you for review and feedback. Once you approve the designs, we'll finalize them and provide you with the necessary design files.


Some of Our Diverse Design Work Across Industries

Helping companies express their message, brand, and vision through social media, print, and website projects.
Logo Design - Atletas - Flight | Shield

Atletas - Flight | Shield

Logo Design - RITZ | ACSN


Logo Design - CM Sports | Baller

CM Sports | Baller

Logo Design - Shadeon | Jada

Shadeon | Jada

Logo Design - Dovev Group | RG Logistics

Dovev Group | RG Logistics

Logo Design - 1st Step | 6ignature

1st Step | 6ignature

Logo Design - Rola Corp | Pro1 Recruitment

Rola Corp | Pro1 Recruitment

Logo Design - Eliza B. | Consulting

Eliza B. | Consulting

Logo Design - Nex Gen | REDA Griffins

Nex Gen | REDA Griffins

Logo Design - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Logo Design - UPlay | Rising Stars

UPlay | Rising Stars

Logo Design - Union Elite

Union Elite

Logo Design - 1nvite | Cash 4 Gold

1nvite | Cash 4 Gold

Logo Design - Shy | Flight (Concept)

Shy | Flight (Concept)

Logo Design - UPlay Prep | ID Camp

UPlay Prep | ID Camp

Logo Design - Pro1 Care | H20 Spring

Pro1 Care | H20 Spring

Logo Design - 6ignature | A-Game

6ignature | A-Game

Logo Design - Baddoll | PinkBlvd.

Baddoll | PinkBlvd.

Awesome Client Experience

User Friendly Client Area to Manage all Your Services

With our user-friendly Client Area, you can manage all your services in one place. From DNS management and websites to mailboxes, WordPress Admin, cPanel and billing, you can quickly set things up and easily edit your settings with just a few clicks.
Logo Design - User Friendly Client Area to Manage all Your Services
24/7 Client Support

Our Client Support Team is Here to help!

At 6axis Media we take pride in our Client Support team, always available to provide uninterrupted assistance whenever you need it. Experience exceptional support for all your services, including Cloud Hosting, Website Design, Graphic Design, and more. Easily contact us from our user-friendly Client Area.
Logo Design - Our Client Support Team is Here to help!


Frequently asked questions

Review some of our most popular logo design questions.

What Logo Design Services Do You Offer?

At 6axis Media, we provide a variety of logo design services, including Pegasus design, Neptune design, and Aurora design. We specialize in creating iconic brand identities that leave a lasting impression. It's our mission to provide you with a visual symbol that encapsulates your essence and resonates with your audience. For more details, please visit our Logo Design section.

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